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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost, and Is It Worth the Money?

January 3, 2020

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Most companies figure carpet cleaning costs by the square foot, and some will add extra fees for especially filthy carpets, spot cleaning, pet stain and odor removal, and other such services. Some carpet cleaning companies also provide scaled-down services that offer a light cleaning of a home’s rugs or that concentrate on high-traffic areas only.

Carpet cleaning costs might average between $.15 and $.3 per square foot, or between $150 and $300 per every 1000 square feet. Smaller spaces often run at the high end of an estimate, to compensate for the potential downtime between customers.

While a few hundred dollars is not necessarily a steep price for clean carpets, some homeowners forego this expense simply because they don’t understand the advantages of professional carpet cleaning. Many homeowners also mistakenly think that renting carpet cleaning equipment and tackling this job on their own is sufficient.

Before you go another season with dirty carpets or head off to the home improvement store and drag home some heavy carpet cleaning equipment, you might note a few advantages of professional carpet cleaning services, as well as risks with handling this job on your own. This will ensure you make the best decision for your home’s rugs and flooring and enjoy a thoroughly cleaned carpet for months to come!

carpet cleaning costs

Are Carpet Cleaning Costs Worth It?

Carpet cleaning costs are definitely worth the price for any homeowner! Before you assume that professional carpet shampooing near you is a waste of money or that your carpets don’t need cleaning because they don’t look overly dirty, note some advantages of regular rug cleaning. This information might convince you that carpet cleaning costs are definitely worth the call to a contractor!

  • Professional carpet cleaning kills dust mites, allergens, and mildew growing underneath carpet fibers and padding. These contaminants are very unhealthy and often continue to grow and get worse the longer you put off professional carpet shampooing! Carpet shampooing or steam cleaning creates a cleaner and healthier interior environment, improving air quality along with the appearance of carpets.
  • Carpet fibers trap and lock dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, and other debris along the carpet matting. This debris crushes fibers so your carpeting looks flat and matted, even with regular vacuuming. Carpet shampooing not only cleans away all that dust and debris but “fluffs up” fibers, so rugs looks better and feel softer underfoot.
  • Removing trapped dirt and dust and restoring the nap of carpets prolongs their life! You might need to replace carpeting less often when you choose regular shampooing by a professional.
  • Dirt and dust tend to make rugs and carpets look gray and dull. Carpet cleaning and shampooing restores the colors of carpets so they’re lighter and brighter. You might be surprised at the change in color along the surface of rugs when you choose professional carpet cleaning.
  • Homeowners often go “nose blind” to odors emanating from carpets, but might notice them when they first walk in the house or close the windows at the end of the day. Carpet shampooing cleans away most causes of those odors, including mildew, mold, pet stains, food stains, trapped cooking odors, and the like.
  • New carpet warranties might require regular professional carpet shampooing! To ensure you don’t need to pay for carpet replacement or repair that would otherwise be included under a warranty, consider regular carpet shampooing by a pro.

Don’t Avoid Carpet Cleaning Costs With DIY Jobs!

Most hardware and home improvement stores rent carpet cleaning machines, and it might seem very simple to shampoo your own carpets. However, this job is far more complicated than homeowners realize and a poor-quality job can result in rugs becoming even dirtier than before! Note what is meant by that and a few cautions about DIY carpet cleaning.

  • Not all carpet fibers are alike! Using the wrong detergent, overly hot water, or other harsh materials and cleaning techniques leaves some carpets matted or worn, even unraveling carpet fiber threads. A professional carpet cleaning contractor near you uses the appropriate detergents and cleaning methods for every carpet material, reducing the risk of damage while ensuring a thorough clean.
  • Using too much water, even if you extract that water with the carpet cleaning equipment, often means a sopping wet rug that takes hours if not days to dry properly! Failure to extract all that rinse water also increases the risk of mildew growth underneath carpet matting and along its padding.
  • Failing to remove shampoo and detergent residues results in a sticky carpet that attracts more dirt than before! Your home’s rugs might get dirtier, faster, with ineffective carpet cleaning and extracting.
  • Steam cleaning carpets is dangerous! Getting too close to the steam, especially if you fail to wear proper protective clothing, might result in burns and irritation to your sinuses, eyes, and skin.
  • Spot pretreatment is often needed for set-in stains or especially filthy areas of the carpet. Simply running a scrub brush or extractor wand over those spots again and again is often insufficient for thorough cleaning! A professional carpet cleaning contractor near you won’t waste time and cleaning supplies but ensures spots are treated as necessary for a complete clean.
  • Shampooing isn’t always sufficient for removing odors. Heavily perfumed products also only cover those smells! If your home has pets or smokers, or if you tend to cook with lots of garlic, onions, and other such products, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning contractor so you know those odors are neutralized as needed.
  • Carpet cleaning equipment is often heavier and more cumbersome than you realize, especially with a tank full of water! Lifting a heavy tank to empty dirty water into a laundry sink or other receptacle is often more difficult than homeowners realize and can mean pulled muscles and a backache for a week! Leave this difficult work to professionals who often have tanks in a van or other location, without the need for lifting.

carpet cleaning costs

Your Carpet Cleaning Choices

While a carpet cleaning contractor near you might note the best form of shampooing for your home’s rug, it’s helpful to know a bit about those various choices so you make the best decisions for your home.

  • Steam extraction is a very popular form of carpet cleaning; steam kills mildew and other irritants while loosening dirt and debris. An extraction wand removes that dirt while also pulling up matted fibers. Steam is an excellent choice for those sensitive to detergents and shampoos.
  • Shampooing is not such a popular choice as it takes lots of rinsing and extraction to remove carpet detergents! However, traditional shampooing might be needed for especially filthy carpets and for removing odors and stains.
  • Bonnet cleaning is a light form of shampooing, best for relatively clean carpets or homeowners who want to contain their carpet cleaning cost as much as possible. A tool with a type of towel, called a bonnet is rubbed gently over carpet, removing surface dirt and debris, which is then extracted. Bonnet cleaning is quick and affordable and an excellent choice for homes with light foot traffic.
  • Encapsulation uses a foam cleaning method; the foam traps dirt and other debris, bringing it to the surface of carpet fibers. A quick extraction removes those residues while also fluffing up carpet fibers.
  • Dry carpet cleaning is also an excellent choice for homes with light foot traffic. A powered detergent is applied to the carpets and allowed to dry; the detergent attracts and traps dirt, making it easy to extract all those residues with very little rinse water needed.

Tips for Keeping Carpets Looking Like New

Other than ensuring your family removes their shoes at the door, you can do quite a bit to keep carpets looking like new and reduce your carpet cleaning costs over the years. One tip is to ensure you change your furnace filter often, to reduce the dust, dirt, and irritants that circulate around your home. Invest in a good air purifier as well.

Keep windows open, to let out cooking fumes, cigarette smoke, and other trapped irritants. Invest in window screens with smaller mesh, to help keep outside dirt where it belongs! It’s also helpful to groom pets often, to remove hair and dander and to keep their paws clean.

Everyday vacuuming is also an excellent way to keep carpets looking like new. Change your vacuum cleaner filter or bag often, and invest in a heavy-duty vacuum if needed, to remove dirt and restore the overall look and feel of carpet fibers.

Related Questions

How often should you clean carpets?

Most homeowners might opt for carpet cleaning every year; however, if you have pets, children, or a smoker in the family, or tend to track added dirt and mud into the home for any reason, consider carpet cleaning twice per year or as often as needed.

What’s the difference between carpet cleaning and restoration?

Carpet restoration involves deep cleaning beyond a standard cleaning. Heavily soiled carpets or those matted with grease, mud, pet stains, and other significant issues might need restoration. While this service is more expensive than carpet cleaning cost, it’s often less expensive than new carpet!



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