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5 Fun Attractions When in Middletown CT

January 3, 2020

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Middletown CT is an excellent place for families and singles, as the area and nearby cities offer a wide range of activities both indoors and out! Whether the kids need a place to run and play or you prefer something more quiet and serene, you’re sure to find something you love when visiting Middletown! Check out a few suggestions below.

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Wadsworth Falls State Park

With over 285 acres of natural beauty, Wadsworth Falls State Park offers lots of spots for fishing, hiking, swimming, or just plain lounging by the water. There are also plenty of scenic spots for picnicking and for enjoying natural waterfalls that are second to none. Be sure to bring your camera and a snack as there’s lots to see and do and keep you busy for the entire day when you visit Wadsworth Falls State Park.

Millers Pond State Park

Millers Pond State Park is another scenic spot perfect for relaxing. You might set up a chair by the water and watch the sun go down over the stand of trees surrounding its edges, or take a long hike through the woods and enjoy some fresh air and the great outdoors. Whatever your love to do when near the water’s edge, you can enjoy it when at Millers Pond State Park.

Hurd State Park

For amazingly scenic views of the Connecticut River, visit Hurd State Park. This park offers lots of rustic, scenic trails in and out of the woods as well as area around the river that create a tranquil setting for picnicking or just sightseeing.

Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park

If you and the family prefer something a bit more exciting than a rustic park, visit Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park. This adventure center offers rock climbing, zip lining, hiking, and even cliff diving, all in a fun yet safe environment! You can also swim in their beautiful lake and enjoy some open air and exercise, perfect for you and the entire family.

Kidcity Children’s Museum

When you want to spend some time indoors while still giving the kids a chance to play, visit Kidcity Children’s Museum. This activities-filled, child-themed museum offers a pirate ship, farm, underwater caves, and many other exciting places to be explored. You and the family are sure to have an adventure no matter the weather outside when you visit Kidcity Children’s Museum.

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